Johnny Hunt, SBC, and “Calvinism”

February 21, 2006

Founders Ministries Blog: What should we discuss for an encore?

The above post is a follow-up to a blog entry by Tom Ascol over at The Founders Blog, concerning the possibility of Johnny Hunt being nominated to the SBC presidency, and subsequently what characteristics should we look for in a Convention president.

One comment in the original post introduced the suspected “anti-Calvinist” stance of Pastor Hunt.  This snowballed into a debate of Calvinists vs. non-Calvinists (forgive the labels, they are adoptive from the debate), that exceeded 240 posts.  Much of the debate was not on the merits of either position, but ended up being attacks of one group on the other.

I, myself, commented over at Friesville in response to Micah’s take on this entire ordeal, and I felt as if I should migrate some of those thoughts here, as well:

I like Johnny Hunt, he has a tremendous testimony, and he has made a
phenomenal impact on his community. He has an exceptional love for
young pastors and a desire to help them. Certainly we disagree
theologically; and if I thought he would try to use his two-year term
as a polemic to abolish “Calvinism” (another label I am not entirely
comfortable with) from the SBC, I would likely be spurned to more
action against his election. However, I highly doubt that is the case.

I have other thoughts on who I would like to see nominated. In the end,
the majority will win, and I think that is fair and right. I hope we
[the SBC] can continue to champion the autonomy of the local church,
agree on the commission (“make disciples”), allow for variety of
methods, and accept theological differences (to the extent that the
gospel is still proclaimed).

Am I naive to think that Johnny Hunt would not destroy the SBC?  Is it foolish to think that in spite of my theological differences with him, that I think his dynamic personality and love for pastors will make him an exceptional nominee?  There were those who have worked for him that commented in Ascol’s original post as to why he may not be perfect, but I would have to agree that they are likely biased (I can’t say all good things with respect to all the pastors I have served under).  I am concerned with his character and his positions in reference to Reformed theology, but certainly, as Ascol points out, the latter of those concerns is not going to bring the end to Reformed thinking among many SBCers.

Up to this point, we are not comparing nominees.  We have just seen those who want to attack the current (anticipated) nominee.  I know of nothing that would necessitate anything less than my full-support for Johnny Hunt as President of the SBC.  Until another candidate is presented, I believe he is the best man for the job (if he’ll accept it).


One Response to “Johnny Hunt, SBC, and “Calvinism””

  1. J.C. Viger said

    The likelyhood of having a man of God such as Pastor Johnny Hunt elected to the presidency of SBC should be a reason for all Christians to be jumping for joy. One can always go to the well in Samaria and look for an elect there.

    I was once lost and I heard a voice say aloud ” we should love them enough not to leave them in that condition” This statement jolted me and I seek to know the One who died so I did not have too!

    The man that shouted that statement is a man of God and he was in some small old church in a small town. Today I proudly say that I am saved and heaven bound. Yes and the man that shouted that phrase was Pastor Johnny Hunt, and sometime that is all that’s needed.

    I’m 1,500 miles away from Woodstock Geogia but when I want to hear the Gospels preached by a man of God I just type

    So as Christians we should all unite and let man like Pastor Johnny Hunt bring Jesus to the forefront of all our lives.Let us no quarrel over interpretations but come to the realization that God created us all and that His Son Jesus Christ died for us all and that anything can happend on the road to Damascus. God Bless

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