eCost nightmare

January 16, 2006

If I have anything to say about it, I would recommend that you never place an order with the online vendor of I placed an order with them on December 15th for a Christmas present for my brother. I went with them because they had the best price and free shipping. I was, of course, hoping to have the item by Christmas.

They responded immediately by email to inform me that the address I submitted for the credit card was different than the address on the account. This was not entirely surprising, since we have recently moved. I replied immediately to their inquiry and gave them the correct address information and my phone number should any more confirmation be needed. They deny having received that email (I use Gmail, and Gmail indicates it was sent).

I neglected to follow up as much as I should have over these 4 weeks, but I have sent a few emails and have made numerous phone calls to resolve this. Finally, they contacted me today (because I left a voice mail over the weekend). They indicated they were still waiting on me and that they could fulfill the order today. I declined. I don’t want to give them my business. This is lousy customer service.

Maybe you have had better service with them, but my recommendation is to stay away from


Cheat Sheets

January 8, 2006

Do you hate being on hold? Don’t we all. Use this link to go to a site that will give you tips on getting to speak to a human at numerous corporations.


January 8, 2006

a meaning “without”; muse, “to think” (Ordering Your Private World, Gordon MacDonald, pg. 96) Online Definitions:

Merriam Webster

(I like both of these resources. Merriam Webster’s has an audible pronunciation for most of the words that I have looked up, but often has more definitions.)