Embattled cleric cites ancestor’s example – PittsburghLIVE.com

I have read somewhere about the impact that Jonathan Edwards has made simply through the family born out of his home.  So many “successful” children have come from the Edwards family.  However, there is one child (a sixth-granddaughter) that Edwards would likely consider an embarassment.

The Rev. Janet Edwards is defending her officiating of a homosexual wedding by likening it to Jonathan Edward’s preaching to the Mohicans.  To her, they are both equivalent in their countercultural ends.

I could not disagree more.  If you are desirous to take the gospel and preach it to homosexuals calling for repentance, that would be more of a parallel, but her actions have nothing to do with the gospel.

I am in favor of reaching out with compassion to homosexuals, but I am not in favor of legitimizing their sin.  For, I believe the Bible is clear that the nature of their lifestyle is contrary to God’s plan, and is therefore sin.  I am not one to champion some cause specifically against homosexuality, because I do not believe that it is the greater in a list of sins.  I believe that we need to counter the acts of those among us that have taken harsh, hateful, and unBiblical attitudes against homosexuals.  They are not outcasts from the gospel, Christ died for them as well.  He does not want them to continue in their sin; but we must preach the message of compassion along side the message of repentance.