Founders Ministries Blog: What should we discuss for an encore?

The above post is a follow-up to a blog entry by Tom Ascol over at The Founders Blog, concerning the possibility of Johnny Hunt being nominated to the SBC presidency, and subsequently what characteristics should we look for in a Convention president.

One comment in the original post introduced the suspected “anti-Calvinist” stance of Pastor Hunt.  This snowballed into a debate of Calvinists vs. non-Calvinists (forgive the labels, they are adoptive from the debate), that exceeded 240 posts.  Much of the debate was not on the merits of either position, but ended up being attacks of one group on the other.

I, myself, commented over at Friesville in response to Micah’s take on this entire ordeal, and I felt as if I should migrate some of those thoughts here, as well:

I like Johnny Hunt, he has a tremendous testimony, and he has made a
phenomenal impact on his community. He has an exceptional love for
young pastors and a desire to help them. Certainly we disagree
theologically; and if I thought he would try to use his two-year term
as a polemic to abolish “Calvinism” (another label I am not entirely
comfortable with) from the SBC, I would likely be spurned to more
action against his election. However, I highly doubt that is the case.

I have other thoughts on who I would like to see nominated. In the end,
the majority will win, and I think that is fair and right. I hope we
[the SBC] can continue to champion the autonomy of the local church,
agree on the commission (“make disciples”), allow for variety of
methods, and accept theological differences (to the extent that the
gospel is still proclaimed).

Am I naive to think that Johnny Hunt would not destroy the SBC?  Is it foolish to think that in spite of my theological differences with him, that I think his dynamic personality and love for pastors will make him an exceptional nominee?  There were those who have worked for him that commented in Ascol’s original post as to why he may not be perfect, but I would have to agree that they are likely biased (I can’t say all good things with respect to all the pastors I have served under).  I am concerned with his character and his positions in reference to Reformed theology, but certainly, as Ascol points out, the latter of those concerns is not going to bring the end to Reformed thinking among many SBCers.

Up to this point, we are not comparing nominees.  We have just seen those who want to attack the current (anticipated) nominee.  I know of nothing that would necessitate anything less than my full-support for Johnny Hunt as President of the SBC.  Until another candidate is presented, I believe he is the best man for the job (if he’ll accept it).


11,700 sleepless nights

February 16, 2006

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s insomnia.”

Since that statement is not Biblical, maybe I should not feel guilty for wishing I were plagued like this guy.  Some would debate whether this was a disorder or a blessing.  I am a tremendous advocate of sufficient sleep, but only as necessary.  If I thought I could function as effectively without sacrificing any mental acuity while not having to give up the hours to rest, then I would hope that I would.  However, this man’s line of work is more labor intensive than it is mentally exhausting.  I wonder why watching TV isn’t as effective as sleeping.  You should be able to get both the mental and physical rest while watching the evening sitcoms as you do while sleeping.  In fact, I believe that with the creativity of dreams, that your mind is actually much more engaged in the middle of the night than in the middle of Seinfeld.
The friend that sent me the link for this article mentioned that he wouldn’t mind giving up eating as a necessity.  I, on the other hand, am much more fond of eating…moreso to my detriment.

Roe v. Wade anniversary

January 24, 2006

It has been 33 years (last Sunday) since the verdict came down in Roe v. Wade. Sunday morning, before church, I was surfing and came across a recommendation by John Piper (via Justin Taylor) to check out Abort73 for some relevant information about the war against abortion. This site is for adults only, viewer discretion is advised. I do not regret looking at the site, but it does have some shock value. Mind you, this is not something that you want to view on a Sunday morning before church, but it awakens you to what is going on out there. I had no idea that abortions in America (alone) number 1.3 million each year.
Watch the opening video and if you can take it, follow it to the “next page” after that. You will see footage from abortions. It is disheartening, disgusting, and even sickening, but it is real. I certainly have not done as much as I could in this cause. How can we let this continue under our watch?


January 18, 2006

I feel that I need to blog this word, because it has hit me from multiple angles this week. I cannot remember ever reading this word or hearing it in conversation prior to this week. This is a new word for me. However, I read this word in a minumum of 4 places this week. First of all, I came across the word rapprochement in Dostoevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov. Secondly, the word has appreared more than once in Nicholas Sparks‘ book Three Weeks with My Brother. Thirdly, it also appeared in a blog post I read earlier in the week (although I don’t have that reference right now).  Finally, what prompted this post was the reading of the word in J.B Phillips book, Your God is Too Small.
You can find full definitions at and at Merriam Webster’s site. Essentially, it is synonomous with reconciliation. I can’t tell you how this word has haunted me. The sources in which I found it are entirely unrelated. I am glad I am well-informed of its definition now.

Sermon Spice

January 13, 2006

I was reading over at ::CawleyBlog:: today when I discovered the existence of a resource: Sermon Spice. This is evidently a for-purchase video illustration site. The videos are excellent. You can view most of their library online in a small resolution with a copyright screen graphic. If you like what you see, you can purchase and download a higher resolution to share with your congregation. The following are some excellent choices for preview:

If you want to cry, check the Together (Team Hoyt) clip.

If you want to laugh, check out the Evangelism Linebacker.

If you simply want to be inspired, That’s My King is an excellent choice.

Cheat Sheets

January 8, 2006

Do you hate being on hold? Don’t we all. Use this link to go to a site that will give you tips on getting to speak to a human at numerous corporations.


January 8, 2006

a meaning “without”; muse, “to think” (Ordering Your Private World, Gordon MacDonald, pg. 96) Online Definitions:

Merriam Webster

(I like both of these resources. Merriam Webster’s has an audible pronunciation for most of the words that I have looked up, but often has more definitions.)