I love Half Priced books

February 22, 2006

My wife doesn’t understand it, but I have a slight obsession with Half Price Books.  The difference between this bookstore and others is that the stock is always changing.  The stock changes as someone comes in and parts with their old books for a price.

This is a great place for kids books, because it is that type of book that people would realistically want to part with after their child reaches a certain age.  Kids are going to abuse books anyway (no matter how hard we teach them); so why not get the “gently used” versions at a cut-rate price?

My favorite section is theology.  This is not always the greatest section, because who would want to give up good books.  However, inevitably, people part with these.  My most recent find was a copy of Dallas Willard’s Renovation of the Heart.  This was amazing, because I had just looked for this book at the local Christian bookstore with intent to buy.  Barnes and Noble had a copy, but they wanted cover price.  At HPB, I got it for $7.  That was a steal.

I have seen many other worthwhile options at my local HPB, but many of these options include books I already own.  I highly recommend checking this store out whenever you are in the neighborhood.  You neve know what you might find.


One Response to “I love Half Priced books”

  1. you guys are spoiled over there in the US. we don’t even have theology over here in the eastern part of europe…
    But may HE bless you through Willard… he is awesome…

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