Conversion of a Cessationist? part 2

February 17, 2006

I want to share some thoughts on this article.

The Evangelicals who deny that the gifts of the Spirit are for today are living in a false world, like Ostriches with their heads in the sand.

That is a bold statement, but said with conviction. I am undeniably reformed. I am surprised that there is so much literature available on Charismatic Calvinists; that is, Reformed thinkers who are also continuationists. Such is the author of the above statement.

To say that a person, who clearly praises the Lord, and who uses the spiritual gifts is demonic is coming very close to the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Remember if there is a counterfeit there has to be the real thing too.

This is why I am careful not to take a dogmatic position against the “sign” gifts being exercised today. I cannot be confident that they are not manifested in the power of the Holy Spirit; so I therefore simply remain silent (at least until now).

This article was not as in depth and as exhaustive as others, but I was thankful for its list of links and resources to both cessationist and continuationist positional documents.


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