Tongue in cheek…or not?

January 23, 2006

Ok, the title of this entry has little if anything to do with the actual content. I wanted to take a moment to share some recent thoughts I have had concerning the gift of tongues in modern Christianity.

To begin with, I want to say that I am not in favor of the manifestation of the spiritual gift of tongues in modern-day church life. Part of this has to do with my background (Baptist) and part of this has to do with my own personal study. However, I want to be careful. I have been wrong before, and I will certainly be wrong again. I am not quick to attribute the manifestation of tongues to any other force than God. I am not quick to give God the credit either. The point is, if it is something that God is behind (in which case my theology is wrong), then I don’t want to give credit to man or an evil force. Likewise, I cannot attribute it to God, because my theology limits me.

What has brought this up in my mind recently is related to a number of factors. First of all, there is some debate about tongues in relation to some policies of the International Missionary Board of the Southern Baptist Convention on what recommendations they intend to make at this year’s convention. Secondly, I have had recent conversations with some friends that are part of the The Christian and Missionary Alliance over their position with respect to this spiritual gift (and other sign gifts). Thirdly, the church we visited Sunday evening, Lifeland, is somewhat affiliated with the Assemblies of God and therefore welcomes the congregational practice of tongues. Finally, Dr. Sam Storms has recently authored a book titled Convergence: Spiritual Journeys of a Charasmatic Calvinist.

I will address each of these influences in separate subsequent posts so as not to belabor and bore you here.


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