Your God Is Too Small

January 20, 2006

I finished J.B. PhillipsYour God Is Too Small last night.  This book was 124 pages in length, but it is one that must be read a little slower than most.  Reminiscent of C.S. LewisMere Christianity, this book is an attempt to prove God by logical argument (ironically, I believed they were both first published in the same year – 1952).

The first half of the book serves to destruct the modern image of God.  It answers the question “What isn’t God?”  The problem with most modern concepts of God is that they are pictures of a “super-man.”  No matter how great a man we can envision, he will always be lesser than God.

The second half of the book is constructive.  It answers the question, “If God exists (and we assume He does), what is He like?”  Phillips fights for certain attributes and characteristics that must inherent in God.  He then points to the God of Scripture to show that He embodies these traits.  Furthermore, he theorizes the God-man should He enter this created world.  He uses the term Baby A when referring to this theoretical God-man.  After laying out what the God-man would and wouldn’t be, He argues that Christ matches exactly.

The edition of the book that I read has larger than normal margins.  Unlike another book that I finished this week, the margins in this edition were useful, because I made numerous notes there.  Also, unlike that book, I would recommend this book to a thinking audience.

You will find little use of Scripture throughout the book, because the author is trying to make his arguments apart from Scripture.  Anyone interested in apologetics would find some useful material in this small book.


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