End of the Spear: Reprise

January 20, 2006

I just wanted to toss out an “Amen” to Internet Monk for his reply to the End of the Spear controversy.  I will again throw in my disclaimer that I am not in support of Chad Allen or his lifestyle, and I am not fond of his using this movie as a platform to spew his false gospel; but at the same time, the movie is not about Chad Allen.

I rented Mr. and Mrs. Smith today.  My wife and I have yet to watch it, but I am looking forward to seeing it.  My wife has hesitated thus far in watching it because Brad and Angelina met on the set of this movie, and it resulted in the break-up of Brad and Jen (boo hoo).  Sorry, I do not mean to make light of broken marriages, and it saddens me how common this crisis affects Christian homes (not to mention Hollywood).

One point that Michael Spencer (Internet Monk) so effectively points out is that there is sin on every movie set.  If we were to rule out all movies that incorporated or resulted in some form of iniquity, then there would be nothing left to watch.

I doubt I will get to see End of the Spear in the theaters (mainly because babysitters are few and expensive), but I will not hesitate to rent it when it makes it to the local Movie Gallery (which, by the way, carries some pornographic material…should I boycott that place?)


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