Three Weeks with My Brother

January 19, 2006

Three Weeks With My BrotherNo, I did not just finish spending 3 weeks with my brother, but I did recently finish Nicholas Sparksbook by that title. It was a very good read. This is my first Nick Sparks book, but it will not be my last. The book chronicles Nick and Micah’s tour around the world in 3 weeks. This was not an ad hoc tour, but they joined a group that hit many monumental sites across the globe. Although I enjoyed his descriptions about the places they visited, that was not the point of this story. Each chapter begins with a log of each days excursions and sites, but they quickly migrate to reminiscing about their childhood and how Nick arrived at his present point in life. I highly recommend this read.

Since I feel somewhat obligated to draw something spiritual from this book, I thought I would share some of the struggles that the brothers encountered in life. Speaking on prayer and the death of his sister, Micah remarks,

“I’ve come to the conclusion that prayer doesn’t work. And for a long time there, it wasn’t easy to be thankful for much. We went through one big change after the next. They just didn’t let up. And everyone kept telling me to be strong, that it would work out in the end…I followed the commandments, I believed in Jesus, I went to church, and I prayed all the time. And when I really needed God’s help, it was like the only answer I got was Who cares? I didn’t want God to give me strength to endure whatever was happening, I wanted God to put and end to what was happening. And he didn’t. So, I quit.

How many other people have gone through the same feelings? I would certainly not attempt to say that Micah was justified in his sentiments, but when you read the story, you have compassion for his situation. I just wished he had reacted differently. In the end…well, you will have to read to know what happened at the end.

A lesson we can learn from Micah is his realization that material things are not what life was meant for:

He [Micah] began selling things, getting rid of the clutter…He sold both his boat and his jeep…[saying] “The more you own, the more it owns you, and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of having to take care of everything. I’m tired of things breaking and having to fix them. It adds stress, and frankly, I’m giving myself a break.”

The book reminds you of the brevity of life and the inevitability of tragedy. It will draw you to love your family more and treasure each moment of life. Life is for living.


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