January 18, 2006

I feel that I need to blog this word, because it has hit me from multiple angles this week. I cannot remember ever reading this word or hearing it in conversation prior to this week. This is a new word for me. However, I read this word in a minumum of 4 places this week. First of all, I came across the word rapprochement in Dostoevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov. Secondly, the word has appreared more than once in Nicholas Sparks‘ book Three Weeks with My Brother. Thirdly, it also appeared in a blog post I read earlier in the week (although I don’t have that reference right now).  Finally, what prompted this post was the reading of the word in J.B Phillips book, Your God is Too Small.
You can find full definitions at Dictionary.com and at Merriam Webster’s site. Essentially, it is synonomous with reconciliation. I can’t tell you how this word has haunted me. The sources in which I found it are entirely unrelated. I am glad I am well-informed of its definition now.


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