The King of Torts

January 15, 2006

Ok, I confess, “I’m a glutton for Grisham.” I just finished The King of Torts. I also bought his most recent, The Broker, today. I may or may not read it next. I have only a few that are unread: The Broker, The Chamber, The Client, The Runaway Jury, and A Painted House. Considering the fact that he has written 18 novels and just started my obsession just over a year ago, I think I have done well. According to his website, John Grisham’s is working on a non-fiction book now. It is somewhat ironic that I found this out today, because I picked up Nicholas Spark’s Three Weeks with My Brother today as well. This is another instance of a typically-fiction author moving to the non-fiction genre.

I don’t do a lot of fiction reading. In fact, until this year, my reading had been almost entirely theological and practical Christianity. I picked up Grisham’s Skipping Christmas, last holiday season (2004-2005), and I have been addicted. Oddly enough, the first book of his that I read was not a typical one.

This year, I am attempting to read more and read broader. I have no less that 6 books that I am currently working on. The problem for me is deciding which ones to read when. I also have a tremendous habit of starting, and even getting halfway through a book, and never finishing. I hope to knock out about 4 this week.


One Response to “The King of Torts”

  1. Victoria Mabry said

    I loved “The Painted House.” I think that’s the only novel of his that I have read. I have enjoyed Michael Crichton recently, reading “Timeline” and “Prey.” You’ve probably seen the movie “Timeline,” so I’d recommend you read “Prey,” which is about nanotechnology. And, you’re beening a geek and all, you’d probably enjoy that one.

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