Got the job

January 15, 2006

To those who may be following my current job situation, I finally signed the paperwork this week to finalize things with a job. I will be doing the same job that I was doing 4 weeks ago. Except that now, I will be an employee (of the contracting company) and not simply an independent contractor. The pay was cut significantly, but the benefits are excellent. I have faith that God will provide for us, and/or teach us better how to manage our resources. My tentative start date is January 23. The best thing of all, and don’t be too envious, is that I will be able to work entirely from my home office. I may go into work on occasion, but who wants to drive an hour for a job you can do from your home.


One Response to “Got the job”

  1. Victoria Mabry said

    Praise the Lord, for He is good!! So glad to hear about the job offer and the ability to work from home. You have really been blessed with a good job making good money, to be so early in your career. I won’t bore the readers with my “I remember whens” …but I do. God will give you the ability to make ends meet on what you make; and how blessed you are to be home, have lunch with the family, and have influence on your children so early in their lives. You are in our prayers and we love you dearly. Mom.

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