Sermon Spice

January 13, 2006

I was reading over at ::CawleyBlog:: today when I discovered the existence of a resource: Sermon Spice. This is evidently a for-purchase video illustration site. The videos are excellent. You can view most of their library online in a small resolution with a copyright screen graphic. If you like what you see, you can purchase and download a higher resolution to share with your congregation. The following are some excellent choices for preview:

If you want to cry, check the Together (Team Hoyt) clip.

If you want to laugh, check out the Evangelism Linebacker.

If you simply want to be inspired, That’s My King is an excellent choice.


One Response to “Sermon Spice”

  1. Mark Perez said

    Dear Nathan,

    In 2003, The Grove Center for The Arts & Media ( began its creative mission to see Christ in culture through the arts & media. As a non-profit ministry based in San Clemente, California, we often engage in conversation around these fundamental questions: What could happen if artists of every art form in the Body of Christ were encouraged and equipped to transform the world? How would the world change? What would it look like if the Church began working in unison to create purposeful art and media, connect artists, churches and resources, and cultivate a spiritual formation that integrates the intellect and the imagination?

    Our ministry is focused on four key initiatives:

    1. A National Network of Artists. The Creative Edge Artist Network exists to develop tools, resources, and events so artists can use their creative gifts to bring about cultural transformation in our society.

    2. An Internet Strategy. Our Internet strategy leverages our local and national network of artists by offering downloadable short films and media (, music, curriculum, and resources for churches and artists in the Church to transform the world.

    3. A National Retreat Center for the Arts & Media. Currently, The Grove is developing plans to build upon our 12 acre avocado grove in Valley Center, California (North San Diego). This retreat center will provide a refreshing place for the body of Christ to cultivate their creativity, build significant relationships with one another, and rekindle their relationship with the Creator. It will be a multi-use facility open to churches, universities and non-profit ministries.

    4. A National Foundation for the Arts & Media. Since 2003, The Grove has awarded over $40,000 in artistic scholarships and grants to talented Christian artists and artistic ministries of various disciplines. The Grove has funded local, national, and international mission ministries.

    In 2008, The Grove is pursuing partnerships with prominent worship leaders, artists, and organizations within the Church to see Christ in culture through the arts and media. Will you prayerfully consider joining us in our mission to encourage and equip Christian artists to transform the world?

    Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Equipping the Church to transform the world,

    Mark Perez
    The Grove Center for the Arts & Media

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